Energy-conscious FM from SAUTER guarantees energy efficiency.

Energy-conscious FM

Analysing, optimising, increasing awareness.

Energy-conscious facility management plays a significant role in the saving of energy and costs. It can be used to visualise, compare and classify the energy consumption in the building and provides consumption data for every time window and increases the awareness of the building’s users via expert advice. Its range of activity ranges from the correct adjustment of technical installations to energy-efficient facade lighting and intelligent component activation.

The SAUTER energy consultants perform a critical comparison for your building’s consumption, with internal and external benchmarks, by continuously monitoring the energy-relevant data. They are supported by SAUTER’s own database with energy performance figure relating to heat, cold and electricity from a large number of reference properties. Working together with the customer, they then define realistic goals for the energy efficiency of the building.

Customised energy concept

On this basis, SAUTER draws up a tailor-made energy concept which naturally also considers the total costs over the life cycle of the building. As a customer, you benefit from SAUTER’s many years of experience in creating individual energy concepts and complex energy generation systems. It is also a great advantage that SAUTER not only defines the required measures but supports them until the goals have been achieved.

Increasing awareness and training courses

For this purpose, SAUTER supports the customers and building users in following energy-conscious behaviour. This involves increasing awareness in users, tenants and operators, educating them about energy efficiency, environmental protection and saving energy in their use of the building automation, and providing training courses in how to operate room control units with the goal of optimal energy regulation.

Energy-conscious facility management from SAUTER comprises:

  • Monitoring and analysis of energy data
  • Benchmarking
  • Measuring consumption
  • Energy concepts
  • Implementing measures
  • Educating the building operators and users

With our expertise in energy-efficient buildings, we pursue a holistic energy and operating concept for you.